Eurosib to purchase high-capacity container flat cars

The Eurosib company is purchasing 500 high-capacity container flat cars manufactured at a UWC's production facility.

№ 8 (September) 2018

The Eurosib company is purchasing 500 highcapacity container flat cars. The rolling stock will be manufactured at a UWC’s production facility – the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ). Under the terms of the contract, Eurosib will receive 270 model 13-6903 freight cars before the end of this year.

The acquisition of the rolling stock puts Eurosib among the largest players in the market of innovative container flat cars. Eurosib began to form its new generation rolling stock fleet in 2014 with the delivery of 285 cars produced by TVSZ.

The increase in the fleet of container flat cars is in line with a longterm programme for the development of container transportation. At present, Eurosib has about 10 domestic and exportimport routes, as well as regular China – Europe – China transit through Russia and Mongolia’s border crossings.